Physics-driven innovations in medicine are at the heart of the section Medical Physics & Technology (MP&T). Our research mission is to develop better methods and technologies for the personalized diagnosis and treatment of disease, focusing on radiation-based approaches in medical imaging, radiation oncology, and image-guided intervention. Our projects often involve a mix of theoretical modelling and experiment, as we believe that a sound understanding of the subject matter provides the best starting point for advances in medical physics and technology.

To assure relevance and impact, much of our research is conducted in collaboration with academic medical centers and industry. For example, the group is closely involved in the R&D Program of the Holland Proton Therapy Centre (HollandPTC), located right next door. Research topics include advanced technologies for proton therapy, new instruments for in vivo molecular imaging, novel computational approaches in treatment planning, and the study of radiation interaction at the macroscopic and molecular level.

We educate in a variety of disciplines, including radiation therapy technology, radiation detection, electronic instrumentation, medical imaging technology, radiation transport and interaction modelling, and macroscopic and molecular dosimetry. Interested people at all stages of academic training are welcome to contact the group for opportunities.