Zolt谩n Perk贸

The fundamental driving force of my research is to harness the huge potential of computational methods in the fields of nuclear energy and radiation applications, with the goal of enhancing their safety, utilization and efficacy. Since fission reactors and charged particle radiation treatments are among the most consequential nuclear applications of the present and the foreseeable future, my specific interests are in reactor physics and proton therapy. The crucial role numerical methods and modelling play in these two disciplines cannot be overstated. Moreover, the computational aspects of these fields significantly overlap, most notably regarding particle transport methods, sensitivity and uncertainty (S&U) analysis techniques and optimization. Consequently, my broad goal is to improve proton therapy treatment planning and oncological care and to improve the safety of present and future reactor systems by developing novel modelling tools and numerical methods.

Interested BSC and MSC students in any topics are welcome to contact me for projects.

dr. Zolt谩n Perk贸