New staff member: Arne van der Hout

Nieuws - 02 januari 2018 - Webmaster Hydraulic Engineering

A new lecturer has started at the department of Hydraulic Engineering. Arne van der Hout will work part time at the section of Ports and Waterways. In this news article he introduces himself.   

Mr. van der Hout holds a MSc. degree in Maritime Engineering. Previously, he has worked as researcher at TU Delft at the faculty of Ship Hydromechanics and he now joined the section Ports and Waterways. Next to this, he works as senior researcher/advisor at Deltares as a staff member of the Harbour, Coastal and Offshore Engineering department. He works on various hydrodynamic topics related to nautical activities in and around harbours, waterways and hydraulic structures. His field of expertise includes ship manoeuvring, moored-ship behaviour, wave penetration in harbours and entrance channels, passing ships effects, ship-waterway interaction, and hydraulics of navigational locks. Within the section of Ports and Waterways he will focus on subjects related to hydrodynamics of (inland) ships and waterways.

Mr. van der Hout supervises students on various topics. He has a large experience in performing physical scale model research. Recently he has been involved in extensive hydraulic research for the development of the new sea locks of Terneuzen and IJmuiden, of which the latter will be the largest lock in the world.

  • For more information please visit the staff page of Arne van der Hout