Diversity & Inclusion Team

Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences


The Diversity & Inclusion Committee of the Faculty of Civil Engineering & Geosciences (CEG) gives solicited and unsolicited advice to the Faculty’s managerial bodies. Together, we think of effective ways to implement our vision, based on three main pillars:

Enable everyone to flourish

By making our work-environment and infrastructures more inclusive, we ensure that everyone, building on their own personal history and character, can realise their best potentials.

Attract and keep talents

By providing support to staff and students in need, and by valuing work fairly, we will make the CEG Faculty more attractive to prospective staff and diminish the risk of having talented people leaving us. By increasing the representation and involvement of traditionally marginalized groups at all levels, we will provide more role models that students and society can identify with.

Foster a long-term spirit of inclusiveness in the faculty

By creating a listening organisation, one that continually searches for criticalities and opportunities for improvement, we will develop a long-term climate of inclusiveness, reducing the need for ad-hoc last-minute measures.

We believe this will make the CEG Faculty more innovative and competitive.

These pillars are in line with the D&I mission of TU Delft.




Giovanni Bertotti (CEG Diversity Officer)
Giovanni is professor for Geology at the GSE Department. Attracted to geology because of its combination of natural and exact sciences, Giovanni has worked in different places in the world with particular focus on Africa and Brazil. He has joined TU Delft in 2010 and has decided in the last years to devote more of his time to the “human” component of the organisation dedicating time to D&I issues and the PhDs of the Faculty (he is the director of the Faculty Graduate School).

Edo Abraham
Edo is an Associate Professor at the department of Water Management. Edo’s research focuses on water and energy infrastructure systems. He develops and applies novel modelling, control and optimisation approaches for making integrated water-energy-agricultural systems more efficient and resilient. Edo has an interest in contributing to and shaping healthy conversations and change in his workplaces, and help operationalise shared goals in diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Sebastiaan Geiger
Sebastian joined TU Delft in March 2022 as the Professor for Sustainable Geoenergy at the Department of Geoscience and Engineering. Before joining TU Delft, he was a professor at Heriot-Watt University in Scotland for 16 years. He and his wife have two teenage daughters, and all three of them keep him grounded.

Leon Hombergen
Leon is a civil engineer, and for 1 day/week Assistant Professor at the Department of Materials, Mechanics, Management & Design (3Md), at the section of Infrastructure Design and Management. He mostly contributes to the education of the Master Construction Management & Engineering on the fields of Procurement & Contracting in the Building Industry. At TU Delft he is one of the founders of the LGBT-network TrueU. The other days of the week he works for Rijkswaterstaat and he also is a party chairman at the Delft Municipality Council.

Caroline Katsman
Caroline joined TU Delft in 2014 after receiving a Delft Technology Fellowship. She is Professor in Oceans and Climate at the Hydraulic Engineering Department. As a woman in STEM, she has seen many good and bad examples of how the work environment deals with diversity and inclusion issues throughout her career, at various universities and research institutions. She is dedicated to put that experience to use for improving the workplace at CEG, among others as a member of the Academic Career Committee.

Lisa van der Linde
Lisa is currently doing a PhD on the modelling of backward erosion piping in the Hydraulic Engineering Department. Before rejoining the TU Delft she worked as a flood defence consultant. She believes everybody should feel welcome in their place of work/study and is therefore eager to work towards creating such an environment.

Eliz-Mari Lourens
Eliz-Mari is an Assistant Professor holding a dual appointment at the Engineering Structures and Hydraulic Engineering Department. Her work focuses on the development of monitoring methodologies for data-driven assessment and diagnostics of structures, with attention to an optimal integration of physics-based models with machine learning techniques. Her most challenging, but also most rewarding project at the moment is raising two young daughters.

Irene Martínez
Irene is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Transport and Planning and co-director of the hEAT lab focused on electric and automated transport research. Her research interests are traffic flow theory and control in the era of automated, connected, and shared mobility. She has lived and worked in five countries and believes that intercultural fluency and embracing new perspectives are crucial to developing innovative solutions and achieving inclusive academic excellence.

Alfredo Nunez
Alfredo is an Associate Professor at the Department of Engineering Structures. The research of Alfredo is on the development of Intelligent Railway Infrastructures. Alfredo has been a visiting scholar at universities in Slovenia, Italy, Spain, Chile, Colombia, China and the USA, and has a major interest on supporting the community at the faculty to achieve our equity, diversity and inclusion goals.

Miren Vizcaino
Miren is a Spanish climate modeller, Associate Professor and mother of three. She joined the GRS department in 2013 through the Delft Technology Fellowship. She has lived in Spain, Germany, the US and the Netherlands, where she has made friends of diverse cultural, religious, sexual, and gender identities, and she has enjoyed and cherished this diversity. She believes in the power of science, academia, and kindness to make a better society. She is convinced that profound, sustainable, collective, solidarity-rooted change is the path to solve the climate crisis.


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