BingeWatch Academy: Supergirl & The Flash

25 april 2019 19:30 t/m 21:00 - Locatie: Aula Auditorium - Door: Studium Generale, Barry Fitzgerald and others

Supergirl & The Flash

Barry Fitzgerald and others
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BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science
Episode III – Supergirl & The Flash

Over the past two decades, superhero stories have increasingly leapt from the pages of comic books to TV and cinema screens. Iconic characters such as the Flash, Daredevil, Wonder Woman, and Iron Man have come to prominence as millions have embraced their inspirational adventures. Innovative storytelling has interwoven the lives of many superheroes to create complex and enthralling, universes.

Unsurprisingly, binge-watching of superhero content is a regular experience as the associated narratives make for compelling viewing. Nevertheless, this superhero content can also facilitate a stimulating platform to explain and discuss complex scientific and technological concepts. Amazingly, binge-watching superhero content could serve as valuable educational resource. And, of course, superheroes are fun!

Motivated by the popularity of the superhero genre and binge-watch culture, a brand new multi-disciplinary talk series BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science, which is organised by Studium Generale Delft, will take place at the Aula Auditorium on the TU Delft Campus between March and May 2019. Hosted by TU Delft researcher and superhero scientist Barry Fitzgerald, the talk series will address topics such as advanced impenetrable materials, genetic editing, augmented senses, and super-speed.

In addition, a complementary podcast series will also be produced with preview podcast episodes released before each talk and an overview podcast episode with the speakers released after each talk.

Tune in for BingeWatch Academy: Superhero Science!

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