General Information

DigiFract software and hardware.

Software for the acquisition and processing of fracture data from outcrops. Installed on a tablet PC.

Laboratory of Geoscience and Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and  Geosciences, Stevinweg 1, Delft (Building #23).

Key Words:
Quantitative geology, fracture networks, fractured reservoirs.

Main Application:
Consists of two components. Component 1 is used to acquire in an efficient and unbiased manner fracture data from sub-vertical outcrops. Component 2 allows for the advanced processing of fracture data (from DigiFract but also from other sources such as DEMs generated from drone imagery) producing plots of directions, length and more sophisticated quantities such as linear and aerial fracture densities, analysis of abutment relations and many other.

Instrument Specification:
Software runs in Windows environment. Code has been developed through the years with Industry support and is shared on the basis of scientific collaborations.

Prof. Dr. G. (Giovanni) Bertotti

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