High T, P-tubes

General Information

Special Tubing.

Special tubing from  RADEL (transparent), Stainless steel and  PEEK are useful for high pressure and temperature applications. 

Laboratory of Geoscience and Engineering, Faculty of Civil Engineering and  Geosciences, Stevinweg 1, Delft (Building #23).

Key Words:
RADEL, Stainless steel, PEEK tubing.

Main Application:
Core flote experiment and other flow experiments.

Instrument Specification:
1/8”OD 1/16”ID or 1/32”ID  PEEK tubing  Pressure up to 244 ore 345 bar and 100oC
1/8”OD 1/16”ID RADEL tubing  Pressure up to 310 bar and 100oC
1/8”OD 1/16”ID Stainless steel tubing  Pressure up to 585 bar and 1000oC

Ing. M. (Michiel) Slob

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