Zwanenburg, C.


Cor Zwanenburg is an expert in the field of soft soil engineering. Focus has been on soft soil problems related to embankments, like stability, settlement, consolidation and creep. In 2005 he wrote his PhD thesis at TUDelft on consolidation behaviour of peat.

Since 1996 Cor has been working at Deltares on consultancy and research projects, including full scale failure tests, like the Bergambacht project, IJkdijk and Dijken op Veen project. Since 2018 Cor is part time assistant professor.

Educational activities

  • Design of Embankments (CIE4367-16)
  • Consolidation of Soils (AESM1700)

Key publications

Zwanenburg C., Erkens G. (2019) Uitdam, the Netherlands: a test site for soft fibrous peat AIMS Geosciences 5(4):804-830, DOI:10.3934/geosci.2019.4.804

Zwanenburg C., LĂłpez-Acosta N.P., Tourment R., Tarantino A., Pozzato A., Pinto A. (2018) Lessons learned from dike failures in recent decades International Journal of Geoengineering Case Histories 4(2) DOI: 10.4417/IJGCH-04-03-04

Fern E.J., de Lange D.A., Zwanenburg C., Teunissen J.A.M., Rohe A., Soga K. (2016) Experimental and numerical investigations of dyke failures involving soft materials Engineering Geology doi:10.1016/j.enggeo.2016.07.006

Zwanenburg C., Jardine R.J. (2015) Laboratory, in situ and full scale load tests to assess flood embankment stability on peat GĂ©otechnique 65(4):309-326 doi: 10.1680/geot.14.p257

Zwanenburg C., Den Haan E.J., Kruse G.A.M., Koelewijn A.R. (2012) Failure of a trial embankment on peat in Booneschans, the Netherlands GĂ©otechnique 62(6):479-490 doi: 10.1680/geot.9.P.094

Zwanenburg C., Barends F.B.J. (2007) The influence of anisotropic stiffness on the consolidation of peat Soils and Foundations 47(3):509-518

Zwanenburg C., Barends F.B.J. (2006) The influence of anisotropic stiffness on the efficiency of vertical drains GĂ©otechnique 56(10):693-699

Other activities

Cor Zwanenburg

Assistant professor

Marlijn Ammerlaan