Nappo, N.


I am Postdoctoral Researcher at the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences of TU Delft and Junior Consultant – Researcher at Deltares.

Previously, I received my PhD in Environmental sciences at the University of Insubria (Italy) using remote sensing techniques for monitoring the impacts of subsidence and landslides on constructions. As researcher, I joined the University of Twente and Sapienza University of Rome. Furthermore, I am Civil Environmental Engineer with MSc in Building Engineering and Architecture.


Currently, I am involved in the Living on Soft Soil (LOSS) Project investigating the subsidence affecting The Netherlands. My task is to identify potential measures to mitigate the effects of subsidence on constructions. Other research interests regard road damage assessment due to landslides and vulnerability analysis of constructions subjected to ground or slope instabilities.

  • Nappo N., Mavrouli O., Nex F., van Westen C., Gambillara R., Michetti A.M., (2021) Use of UAV-based photogrammetry products for semi-automatic detection and classification of asphalt road damage in landslide-affected areas. Engineering Geology.
  • Nappo N., Peduto D., Polcari M., Livio F., Ferrario M.F., Comerci V., Stramondo S., Michetti A.M., (2021) Subsidence in Como historic centre (northern Italy): Assessment of building vulnerability combining hydrogeological and stratigraphic features, Cosmo-SkyMed and damage data, International Journal of Disaster Risk Reduction.
  • Nappo N., Ferrario M.F., Livio F., Michetti A.M., (2020) Regression analysis of subsidence in the Como basin (northern Italy): new insights on natural and anthropic drivers from InSAR data, Remote Sensing, 12, 18, 2931, doi:10.3390/rs12182931
  • Nappo N., Peduto D., Mavrouli O., van Westen C.J., Gullà G., (2019) Slow-moving landslides interacting with the road network: Analysis of damage using ancillary data, in situ surveys and multi-source monitoring data, Engineering Geology vol.260.

Reviewer for Landslides international journal

Dr. Eng. N. (Nicoletta) Nappo

Post-Doctoral researcher

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