Macchiarulo, V.


Dr. Valentina Macchiarulo is a postdoctoral researcher at the Geo-Engineering section of TU Delft, working on the use of remote sensing in civil engineering applications.

Valentina completed a PhD at the University of Bath, UK, developing new methods using satellite remote-sensing data to monitor and assess building and infrastructure conditions on a regional scale, graduating in 2021. Previously, she obtained BSc (2013) and MSc (2016) degrees in Aerospace Engineering from the University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Italy.



Valentina’s research focuses on contributing toward a more resilient built environment through the use of remote sensing data. Her work involves the use of satellite monitoring data to evaluate the performance of buildings and infrastructure assets in response to ageing deterioration, natural (i.e., earthquakes) and man-induced (i.e., tunnelling and underground excavations) hazards.

Her research interests include remote sensing, structural monitoring, risk and damage assessment, settlement-induced damage, earthquake reconnaissance, big data analysis, computational modelling, and geospatial analysis.


Journal papers:

  • Macchiarulo, V., Milillo, P., Blenkinsopp, C. E., Reale, C., & Giardina, G. (2022). Multi-Temporal InSAR for transport infrastructure monitoring: Recent trends and challenges. Proceedings of the ICE - Bridge Engineering.
  • Macchiarulo, V., Milillo, P., Blenkinsopp, C. E., & Giardina, G. (2022). Monitoring deformations of infrastructure networks: A fully automated GIS integration and analysis of InSAR time-series. Structural Health Monitoring.
  • Macchiarulo, V., Milillo, P., DeJong, M. J., González MartĂ­, J., Sánchez, J., & Giardina, G. (2021). Integrated InSAR monitoring and structural assessment of tunnelling-induced building deformations. Structural Control and Health Monitoring, 28(9), [e2781].

Proceedings and conference papers:

  • Macchiarulo, V., Milillo, P., Blenkinsopp, C., Reale, C., & Giardina, G. (2021). InSAR Monitoring of Regional Infrastructure Networks. In 2021 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium IGARSS: Proceedings (pp. 6233-6236). [9555152] IEEE.
  • Macchiarulo, V., Giardina, G., Milillo, P., González MartĂ­, J., Sánchez, J., & Dejong, M. J. (2019). Settlement-induced building damage assessment using MT-INSAR data for the crossrail case study in London. In M. J. DeJong, J. M. Schooling, & G. M. B. Viggiani (Eds.), International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction 2019, ICSIC 2019: Driving Data-Informed Decision-Making (pp. 721-727). (International Conference on Smart Infrastructure and Construction 2019, ICSIC 2019: Driving Data-Informed Decision-Making). ICE Publishing.


Valentina Macchiarulo

Postdoc Researcher

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