Prof. Dr. Ir. Gang Liu


I finished my PhD at Sanitary Engineering, TUDelft in April 2013. Afterwards, I shared my time at TUDelft and Oasen Drinkwater as researcher. Since July 2016, I appointed as part-time assistant professor at Sanitary Engineering, continuing work as senior researcher at Oasen Drinkwater. From November 2018, I have taken the full time position at Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences (RCEES), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Now, I am appointed as Professor, team leader, deputy director of Key Lab of Drinking Water Science and Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences. I am engaged in strengthen the scientific collaboration on water related topics between China and the Netherlands. As honoured part time assistant professor and PhD supervisor at Sanitary Engineering, with the Supported from the cooperation between China and the Netherlands (e.g. NSFC-NWO, China-EU, Ministry of Science and Technology of China, CSC), I am co-supervising several PhD students with Prof. Gertjan Medema, Prof. Luuk Rietveld, Prof. Mark van Loosdrecht and Prof. Walter van der Meer on the microbial ecology of water purification and distribution.


I am especially interested in topics on water and health, microbial ecology for water purification, biological stability during distribution. The particles and particle-associated bacteria are one of my key research line, which has been running since 2008. I have established the integral concept of microbial ecology in drinking water distribution system including four phases of water, suspended particles, loose deposits and biofilm.

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Gang Liu

Visiting professor