SPE Delft Student Chapter

The SPE Delft student chapter is affiliated with the Applied Geophysics & Petrophysics section of the department of Geoscience and Engineering at TU Delft. We take up the role of encouraging interest and understanding of the environmental geophysics and petrophysics industry among students, through to university and beyond. Currently, we have about 160 undergraduate, graduate & PhD students enrolled in our chapter.

For students

Our mission as a student chapter at TU Delft is to raise the standards of our students, society and department by providing opportunities for students to enhance their technical and professional competences. Apart from creating opportunities to network with like-minded industry professionals, we play an important role in complementing the university curricula with activities that reflect the demands of the industry. This is achieved by organizing:

  • Technical lectures
  • Company visits and interviews
  • Networking events with (young) professionals
  • Extracurricular activities 

For professionals

Our student chapter also serves as an entry point for the industry to reach our students. Either for technical interests, job opportunities or any other purpose, we can work as a platform to put interested professionals in touch with the right people inside the university.


The current officers of the SPE Delft student chapter are:

William Horeman - President
Juliette Bruining - Vice President
Bengt Wesselink - Secretary
Ghada Alshaikmubarak - Treasurer
Esther Zijlstra - Membership chair
Milad Naderloo - PhD Commissioner