New animation: Designing with values in complex projects

News - 08 July 2020 - Communication

How can we better cope with value dynamics in complex projects as designers? Some people look at what is being created in a project, others look at what drives people in a project. Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft researcher Marina Bos-de Vos argues it should be about both.

It’s about internal values that drive you, and the external values you create. As a designer, it is your role to grasp and connect all these values to make it a success. This short movie is intended to be used in education, but can also be used in practice as a conversation starter on values. Check out for more information on designing with values in complex projects.

Project team: Marina Bos-de Vos (Industrieel Ontwerpen, TU Delft), Tom Daamen & Hedwig van der Linden (Bouwkunde, TU Delft)
Animation by Moniek van Adrichem - Studio Synopsis
Made possible by: Delft Design for Values Institute & Stichting Kennis Gebiedontwikkeling (SKG)