Henri Baudet Institute

The Henri Baudet Institute (HBI), founded in 2003, is a centre for research and consultancy in the field of design history, based in TU Delftā€™s faculty of Industrial Design Engineering.The Institute is built around the facultyā€™s unique collection of historical consumer products and is named after Prof. Dr. Henri (Han) Baudet, a pioneer in design history who was affiliated to the faculty from 1965 to 1987. 

The activities of the institute are intended to promote the scientific study of design history from a explicitly multidisciplinary point of view, aimed at the integration of socio-economic, cultural, technological, and art historical approaches. In that respect, the Institute hopes to not only contribute to the development of the history of the discipline of design history, but also, and more importantly, to the theory and practice of design.


October 16, 2005 - Januari 2, 2006

Visual instructions at 'SAFE: Design Takes On Risk' in the Museum of Modern Art, New York. In this exhibition are examples on display from the immense collection of visual instructions that hosted by the Henri Baudet Institute. 

31 August - 2 September 2006

Design and Evolution
The theme of evolution has taken a leading role in the history of technology and the history of economics in the last few years. Where the possibilities of a critical applying of the biological metaphor turns out to be very rewarding in those fields of research, it has not a high profile in design studies and design history.
The main research questions of an evolutionary history focus on the processes of chang and stability in economy, technology and design.


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