Graduate School IDE

The Graduate School of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (GS-IDE) supports PhD candidates at IDE by focusing on three aims:

  • Providing each PhD candidate with a PhD mentor, who facilitates the PhD process.
  • Offering Doctoral Education courses specifically tuned to the needs of PhD candidates at IDE.
  • Organising events, such as PhD-Day, to promote the research community at IDE.

GS-IDE is one of the eight faculty graduate schools which operates under the umbrella of the TU Delft Graduate School (GS-TUD).

The GS-TUD provides general support for all PhD candidates at the TU Delft. Visit the GS-TUD website for more information.

IDE PhD's on YouTube

PhD candidates at IDE
In this series of short movies IDE PhD candidates tell about their research and what it's like to do a PhD at IDE.
These videos are released as a prelude to PhD-day 2016.

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