Doing a PhD at IDE

Core of the PhD programme is the PhD candidate's research project. This is supported by a supervisory team, a PhD mentor, progress meetings and the Doctoral Education programme. 

Research themes at IDE

Research at the faculty of IDE is conducted in the following 4 areas:

Within these themes projects are funded which can offer paid PhD positions. These are advertised on the TU Delft job-site. Or you can contact one of our professors whose work you find interesting, to see if they think you would fit upcoming opportunities. Please also visit our Application & Admission page.

Support & Supervision

Each PhD candidate is typically supervised by at least 2 supervisors, one of which is the promotor and the other usually is the daily supervisor. Besides the supervisory team each PhD candidate will also get a PhD mentor appointed by the IDE Graduate School. More on support and supervision can be found on the Support & Supervision page

PhD process

A full-time PhD research project usually takes 4 years. In order to stay on track each PhD candidate has several mandatory progress and evaluation meetings with his or her supervisory team. The outline of the PhD process, its meetings, progress forms, and guidelines is given on the Process & Forms page

Doctoral Education

During the PhD project PhD candidates will not only focus on their research, but also on personal and professional development. This development is mainly obtained through Doctoral Education. In the Doctoral Education programme each PhD candidate is required to take part in courses which support the development of their knowledge in the field of their specific research, as well as courses in personal and professional development. A more detailed description of Doctoral Education can be found on the specific Doctoral Education page.