Planet Earth’s ecosystems are under great strain. The global population is growing rapidly and our climate is changing.

Pollution, the depletion of resources, and overconsumption are just some of the issues that we face. Governments and NGOs are responding to these global challenges with sustainability goals and political commitments. Design research has a role to play here too. By developing technological and social innovations which disrupt the status quo, design can be a catalyst for systemic change.

Sustainability research at Delft’s Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) focuses on how individuals and organisations can produce and consume sustainably. Our researchers take a human-centred approach to understanding and exploring sustainable production and consumption patterns. We set-up real-life interventions to optimise systems that make better use of resources and minimise waste. We explore new circular business models and create guidelines for design professionals. Our aim is to help organisations develop sustainable products and services.

Computer generated image of a flat landscape with a round depiction of planet earth

Design like there's a climate crisis.

Conny Bakker, Professor of Design Methodology for Sustainability and Circular Economy

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