IDE Design Master Classes 2023

Whether your aim is to update existing knowledge, learn new concepts and/or renew your network, at the IDE Design Master Classes, you learn the latest from those actively working at the forefront of Design. Learn from the experts as well as from other professionals! You can choose to join us in either on-site or on-line classes.

On-site Master Classes
A series of intensive two-day, state-of-the-art on-site Master Classes developed specifically for professionals. In groups of 8 to 16 participants, you gain insights into recent developments in the discipline, learning about the latest methods. A proven and effective way to refine your skills, focus your ambition, simply broaden your mind and be inspired. 

Online Master Classes
Join the TU Delft Online Learning Community and tap into the expertise of our world-class academic staff. Our on-line Master Classes offer active and social learning, and collaboration with professionals from all over the world. These on-line Master Classes run for a period of 4-7 weeks. You will join us and your fellow participants for about 3-4 hours each week. As with the on-site classes, they are extremely participative. With innovative software, you’ll work together and create your on-line assignments.

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Edition 2023

Since 2013 all IDE Design Master Classes have been well attended, and our participants are extremely enthusiastic. In total, over 800 participants from more than 350 organisations have attended different Master Classes, often returning each year to join us for a new learning experience.