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Sustainable Design Engineering

SDE focuses on applying responsive technologies on the development and design of new products and services.

The dynamics in this field are primarilydetermined by the pace of change in society, in which new developments in human needs and technological possibilities follow each other rapidly.


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Human-Centered Design

HCD houses ergonomics (human factors) and design 'formgiving'). The emphasis is on interaction between user and product. Key aspects are expressiveness of products, usability and aesthetics, meanings that product forms have for users, and place of design and designing in a socio-cultural context. HCD incorporates these into research and education.

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Design, Organisation and Strategy

DOS provides education and carries out research in the field of the business aspects of new product and service development. The most important subjects are marketing and consumer research, management and organisation, and design methodology. The above subjects are studied within the applied context of product and service development.

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Supporting Staff for departments

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The supporting staff of the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering support the policy (implementation) and management of the faculty.

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