Designing (with) Artificial Intelligence

News - 08 October 2020 - Communication

Congratulations to IDE researchers Niya Stoimenova and Rebecca Price, whose publication on AI and design is included in the latest volume of Design Issues! Niya and Rebecca’s work is titled Exploring the Nuances of Designing (with/for) Artificial Intelligence. In their work, the authors promote a holistic perspective on what it means to design with and for AI, discussing the nuances of design methodologies and how they might respond to AI as it evolves over time.

Niya and Rebecca’s publication is part of their wider work in furthering the discussion around designing (with) AI, particularly when it comes to moral responsibility. Niya has also published a conference paper with fellow IDE researcher Maaike Kleinsmann at DRS2020 that extends this discourse, presenting a framework for responding to unintended values produced by AI solutions.

In the age of big tech, AI-powered solutions are primarily developed by large organisations, meaning designers have an important role to play in aligning these solutions with humanistic values. IDE researchers are at the forefront of this issue – including DfI coordinator Elisa Giaccardi, whose publication Technology and More-Than-Human Design is also in the latest volume of Design Issues. With its unique human-centered perspective, the IDE faculty continues to bring a human touch to the cutting edge of AI.

For an overview of current and previous volumes of Design Issues, visit the MIT Press site here. For Niya Stoimenova and Maaike Kleinsmann’s publication, take a look at the proceedings of DRS2020, available here.