TU Delft and LUT join forces in teaching design for a circular economy

News - 07 October 2020 - Communication

Next semester TU Delft’s IDE Faculty will be co-facilitating a new course, Design Approaches, with LUT’s Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. The course, which forms part of the minor Designing Sustainable Transitions, focuses on product design in the context of a circular economy. Students from both universities will work together, combining their perspectives and skills to tackle circular design problems. This interdisciplinary approach is a crucial component in the circular design process.

This collaboration is part of the e-CirP (Embedding Circular Economy into Product Design and Optimization) project, a European initiative funded by EIT Raw Materials. Over the course of the three year project, IDE will work with DTU (Denmark), LUT Sustainable Science (Finland), Fraunhofer (Germany) and the University of Padova (Italy) to develop and pilot courses addressing materials, engineering, design and business. Additionally, the project explores the role of Virtual Reality in education and remote collaboration – applications that are now more relevant than ever. Ruud Balkenende, professor of Circular Product Design at IDE, sees the project as a unique opportunity “to enrich our perspective on circular education and to disseminate our view on the importance of keeping products alive through recycling into other curricula.”

To find out more about sustainability research at IDE please take a look at our newly updated sustainability research page