BK present with two projects at Dutch Design Week

News - 15 October 2021 - Communication BK

During Dutch Design Week (DDW), two of our faculty's projects will be on show: a sustainable circular partition wall made of mycelium and a glass truss construction to make forces visible.

Circular sustainable partitions

The philosophy of architect John Habraken in the 1960s was that residents should be able to arrange their own homes, depending on the stage of their living career, without much difficulty. This Open Building concept is appreciated worldwide, but unfortunately rarely implemented. Bob Geldermans, who specialises in reuse and natural building materials, is trying to breathe new life into this idea. However, he does not use traditional building materials, but walls of circular and environmentally friendly materials in order to contribute to the sustainability of the building industry. One of the materials he uses is mycelium, which is a network of fungal threads.

Glass trusses - a didactic construction

Forces in constructions are abstract. They are barely perceptible with the naked eye. The glass construction Ziptruss by a.o. Ate Snijder makes forces visible in a spectacular way: the construction parts light up to show, in real time, the pressure- and tensile forces.  With a seat, the visitor can exert a force on the construction (his/her own weight), and move this force along the rail. This results in a dynamic pattern of forces in the truss with a corresponding light show.
The Ziptruss has been developed to provide first year students at the Delft University of Technology with insight into the effect of force during Statics lectures.

More information

Circular inner walls
View the project page and read the story about Bob Geldermans' research into sustainable circular partitions.

Glass trusses
Watch the Ziptruss on YouTube. Ziptruss is sponsored by TU Delft: testing and research; Schott: Glass components G&SS bv; Design and Engineering Proliad: Aluminium components Octatube: Steel frame and connectors De Circel: LED lighting advice; and contributions from many colleagues and students. Read more about the glass truss at the DDW

Dutch Design Week
From 16 to 24 October, the Dutch Design Week (DDW) will take place in Eindhoven. The design event presents work and concepts of over 2000 designers to more than 350,000 visitors from home and abroad. Spread over some 100 locations throughout the city, DDW organises and facilitates exhibitions, lectures, award ceremonies, network meetings, debates and festivities. Check the website for the full programme.