Work & Well-being

If one thing has become clear in these times of corona, it is that it is incredibly important to take good care of ourselves. That sounds logical, but it is quite a challenge for many people to keep an eye on their own mental and physical health during periods of stress. TU Delft is seizing this moment to offer structural attention to well-being. This is taking shape by offering various courses, workshops and sessions with colleagues. Sometimes to give practical tips, and other times by learning together with colleagues and inspiring each other.

In addition, there are also initiatives and support from other angles. The various initiatives are listed below.

Other initiatives and support

University social worker

You can also contact social worker Marinka Versteeg for help and advice. See here what she can do for you, or get in touch via +31 (0)6 51 27 29 33 or Talking to the social worker is confidential.

Workload and vitality coach

Are you struggling with your current workload and the transition to online working? Are you wondering how to stay afloat? Talking about this can help. HR and the Health Coach Programme (HCP) are offering individual coaching.

Choose your own coach and discuss your wishes and challenges in 1-3 Skype coaching sessions. All topics can be discussed, in particular work pressure, resilience and health. Check here for more information about the coaches and to sign up.

PhD Candidate in times of Corona

Besides the information we have for all employees we also have some specific information for PhD candidates. We can imagine it must be overwhelming to receive information from different sources. Hence, the Graduate School created the ‘I am a PhD situation’ including a list with ‘useful links in times of Corona’. Click here to have a look.

Reading material

Here you can find links to articles and books that focus on the impact of corona on work life. Keep an eye on the website, because the list will be regularly updated. Do you have a reading tip we can add? Send an e-mail to  


  • Werk heeft het gebouw verlaten: (Work has left the building): Jitske Kramer wrote this book during the second partial lockdown, in October 2020. About how the coronavirus caused a collective, global culture shock, the impact it has had on our working lives and how we deal with it.
  • Leidinggeven in de hybride organisatie: (Managing in the hybrid organization): Jeroen Busscher discusses questions like: what role do we have as managers in a hybrid organisation and how do we ensure that we remain a team?

Articles and papers

How do you lead a 'hybrid' team? These articles address this issue: