TU Delft corona related research

All kinds of research is being done at TU Delft bearing a direct or indirect relation to the coronacrisis. On this page we give an overview.

Many of these project are supported by the TU Delft COVID-19 Response Fund.

Many of these projects are supported by TU Delft alumni and donors of Delft University Fund through the TU Delft COVID-19 Response Fund. Donations are still welcome to enable new research and to take the next step in existing projects.

Agent-based simulation of the corona outbreak

Virginia Dignum and Amineh Ghorbani are part of a team of researchers that is involved with the development of a coronavirus simulation model. The team wants to contribute to a better understaning of the corona pandemic on humans, society and economy, both on the short and long term. They do this with the help of a technology called agent-based modelling, a tool which can simulate the way a population responds to certain measures. This tool can support decision-makers to experiment with and evaluate possible interventions and their combined effects in a simulated and controlled world.