ERC Advanced grants for TU Delft researchers

News - 26 April 2022 - Webredactie Communication

The European Research Council has awarded an ERC Advanced Grant to two TU Delft researchers: Sjoerd Stallinga (ImPhys) and Frank Hollmann (Biotechnology). The European grant enables internationally established research leaders to conduct a five-year research project.

Sjoerd Stallinga – NANOCUBIC – The big picture at the finest scale

Making super detailed 3D images of proteins in living cells with a special light microscope, without damaging those cells. That’s what Sjoerd Stallinga wants to achieve with the ERC Advanced grant. In order to do so, he’s going to scan samples with nanometer precision using a sophisticated 3D light pattern, and calculate the complex image information back to the protein structure with the computer. An approach that requires lots of collaboration between different disciplines.

Frank Hollmann – PeroxyZyme – Chemical dream reactions with enzymes

One of the big societal challenges today, is that the chemical industry still consumes a considerable amount of energy and resources. “This is a global issue for most, if not all, chemicals that factories produce nowadays”, says researcher Frank Hollmann. With his ERC Advanced Grant, he will help to tackle this problem over the next five years, by engineering enzymes as a catalyst for chemical dream reactions.

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