Promotion Dr. Juseong Lee

Dr. Juseong Lee successfully defended his Doctoral thesis on December 7th at the Aula, TU Delft. The work from Dr. Lee, entitled “Predictive Aircraft Maintenance – Integrating Remaining-Useful-Life Prognostics into Maintenance Optimization,” addressed key challenges in implementing Predictive aircraft maintenance (PdAM).

First, mathematical models were constructed to simulate PdAM and to quantify its cost and reliability. Second, three optimization models were proposed to plan PdM at the component level (when to replace a component), fleet-level (how to schedule maintenance for multiple aircraft), and strategy level (how to set parameters of new maintenance policy). These models were validated together with the domain experts and end-users. Overall, Dr. Lee’s work will be a starting point for an informed discussion on the future of predictive aircraft maintenance.

You can access Dr. Juseong Lee’s thesis here.

“Even the best pilot cannot fly alone. A flight is accomplished only by the magical collaboration of all people working together – co-pilots, cabin crews, mechanics, and much more. The journey of PhD is similar to a flight. I was able to complete my PhD due to the support from my respectful promotor Prof. Max Mulder, and co-promotor Dr. Mihaela Mitici. Also, I want to sincerely thank my committee members (Prof. N.P. Avdelidis, Prof. J.H. Choi, Prof. T. Tinga, Dr. R.M. Groves, Prof. L.L.M. Veldhuis, Prof. G.C.H.E. de Croon, and Rector Magnificus). Finally, I appreciate my colleagues, friends, and family who supported me through this long journey.”

Dr. Juseong Lee