At the TU Delft we perform research to develop better and smarter technologies for finding answers to scientific and societal challenges. We also train and educate the future generation of digital professionals and use digital technologies to further develop the quality of (our) educational programmes. Together with our stakeholders we shape our digital society in a responsible manner.

Doubled funding

The activities related to AI, data & digitalisation at TU Delft involve a significant number of researchers and educators. With plentiful and considerable scientific and societal challenges outstanding, TU Delft plans to nearly double the current budget for these research and education activities to 70 M€ per year. These funds will be used for new talent and labs; additional educational programmes for BSc, MSc, PhD, and cross-programme training; accelerated educational innovation; additional facilities and technical, engineering and valorisation support; intensifying collaboration, partnerships and networks; and extended regional collaboration. Through the TU Delft AI Initiative, the AIDU programme (TU Delft's AI, Data and Digitalisation research and education programme) unites and executes these investments and additional endeavours.

A leading region

We have established a regional alliance for AI, Data & Digitalisation, involving TU Delft, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Leiden University together with the university medical centres Erasmus MC and LUMC. We are in the process of developing a large-scale educational programme dedicated to strengthening our combined skills in this field, with a potential reach of 85,000 students. You can expect our regional alliance to join forces in research and valorisation as well.

Stories of Artificial Intelligence