AI related field labs

What sets TU Delft Campus apart are the various innovation clusters and field labs around specific themes. These public-private testing grounds are hotspots for co-creation and speed up innovation. A number of fieldlabs are centered around or stronlgy related to AI.


Future of work fieldlab for cognitive robotics. At RoboHouse, organisations and individuals can discover the possibilities cognitive robotics offer, develop their own applications and test them in an industrial setting.



SAM|XL (Smart Advanced Manufacturing XL) is a collaborative research centre where technology is being developed, demonstrated, and de-risked for automated manufacture of large-size lightweight composite parts for aircraft, wind turbine blades, spacecraft and maritime applications.



DigiCampus accelerates innovation in digital government services. Digicampus facilitates a platform where governments, scientists, industry and citizens can ask questions, exchange knowledge and experiment with solutions for a robust digital society.


Do IoT Fieldlab

Do IoT Fieldlab drives the acceleration of innovation in the field of Internet of Things (IoT). The fast connections, high reliability and short response times of 5G make it possible to bring new applications to the market in the areas of mobility, logistics, agriculture, health and safety.


Mobility Innovation Centre Delft

Innovations in the mobility domain (passenger transport and distribution) follow each other in rapid succession. In order to make them successful collaboration and pilots are needed. Our mission is to establish, stimulate and maintain partnerships that advance innovations in mobility. Moreover, we transformed the TU Delft Campus into a Living Lab which enables successful innovation.