A number of AI spin-off companies are located on TU Delft Campus or part of the regional innovation ecosystem, which form the perfect environment to bring deep technologies such as AI to society.


Birds.ai, strives for a planet where data is utilised to make sustainable decisions. The company brings insights to asset managers to reach their asset yields, by converting images into meaningful figures and numbers using AI.

Asset managers use the Birds.ai service for many use cases such as finding broken solar panels, monitoring the quality of steel, and counting inventory. This enables asset managers to reduce revenue loss due to errors and degradation.



Councyl makes decision support accessible to organisations. With the help of AI technology, decision-making can be improved and accelerated. However, this has not been easy so far. Councyl now introduces a scientifically proven innovation that does not depend on Big Data and provides a fully transparent model. This makes self-learning Decision Support software accessible to any organisation.



Gradyent optimises district energy networks with its Artificial Intelligence cloud platform. Approximately 50% of all energy consumption in the world is used for heating and cooling. District heating networks are a large portion of this. Gradyent has the ambition to assist District Heating companies in applying new technologies as its Digital Twin to strongly reduce energy consumption.



Plotwise enables companies and organisations to dynamically plan the distribution of goods in the most efficient way possible. The company does this for customers in the pick-up and delivery sector in the Benelux and are expanding rapidly across the world.

Plotwise solves complex mobility challenges by shaping the new standard for planning. At the core of its planning services are our dynamic planning algorithms, predictive models using huge amounts of static planning data and real time routing data. All is delivered via an API, so logistic companies across the world can easily integrate and configure it to meet their planning needs.


The Routing Company (formerly RoutableAI)

The Routing Company is a spin-off from MIT, with strong ties to Delft University of Technology. The Routing Company is an on-demand vehicle routing and management platform that partners with cities to power the future of public transit.

Made up of MIT researchers and ride-share industry veterans, The Routing Company builds smart, sustainable transit solutions that are more reliable and accessible than other mobility options.


UbiOps (by Dutch Analytics)

UbiOps by Dutch Analytics is an all-in-one software platform that enables you to very quickly turn your algorithms into scalable, robust and secure end-to-end applications. This without requiring knowledge to set up Cloud infrastructure, micro-services, automated scaling or DevOps practices.

Save months of work as UbiOps by Dutch Analytics takes care of a smooth transition from where data science ends to where IT starts. Easily deployed across public/private Cloud or On-Premise. Centrally managed and fully secured with data and code encryption.