Architectural Engineering and Technology

Architectural Engineering & Technology has established itself in 2012 as a strong department within the faculty. The AE+T department has a lot of potential and is a powerful brand, both within the faculty and in(and out)side the academic world. 


What does AE+T aim to be in terms of content and branding? In the department's name essentially lies its vision with regards to the making of architecture: The fundamental relation between Design, Engineering and the key link with Technology.


Interdisciplinary and responsive to direct societal needs: Connecting, focussing but also broadening the scope. Finding the right balance between these three in the process of engineering sustainable and makeble design solutions requires inspiration and ingenuity.


Today's societal needs demand an integral approach in design; among others in the fields of sustainability, climate, energy efficiency, transformation, reuse and health. Issues that spring from these fields are complex and require an approach in which fundamental and applied research and design are intimately linked: Engineering.