About the ESP Lab

We have a moral obligation to the younger generation to combat climate change. Technology is an essential pillar in achieving that.

Professor Peter Palensky, Intelligent Electrical Power Grids
“ESP Lab” stands for Electrical Sustainable Power Laboratory. This is where, under one roof, scientists research the generation, transmission, distribution and use of electricity by households and companies.
In the ESP Lab, researchers will work with companies, policy makers and business developers on the most important energy issues of our time.

Who is the ESP Lab intended for?

For researchers

Thanks to our extensive knowledge, our large network and our high-end infrastructure, we take applied scientific research to the next level.

For companies

We have the knowledge, expertise and infrastructure in place to get the issues of the energy transition comprehensively studied, tested and validated.

Policy makers

We seek solutions and advise on new energy policy. In doing so, we use the entire energy chain as a basis, so informed decisions can be made.

Dare to take action

The energy transition calls for action, but the step from theoretical research to large-scale practical application is not always clear. The ESP Lab guides you with knowledge, experience and advice towards implementing and upscaling your innovation.

Dare to grow

Does your innovation have what it takes? Thanks to our lab facilities and digital twinning, every research question can be studied, tested and validated throughout the energy system.

Dare to partner up

Together, you can achieve more. The ESP Lab has a broad network of researchers, companies, policy makers and also business developers who can help you achieve more.

Dare to be smarter

[TXT: Dare to be smarter]

The ESP Lab offers a vast amount of knowledge and expertise. Thanks to existing high-end infrastructure, installations and data facilities, we can innovate more efficiently.

Dare to broaden your horizon

The energy transition involves more than technology alone. A fossil-free energy system is a task for all of us and is only feasible if we work together with policy makers, companies and citizens. We combine knowledge and expertise in workshops and events to inform, inspire and keep each other in focus.

How the ESP Lab was built

Electricity was considered a matter of course. Now, in 2021, things are different.

Lucas van Vliet, dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics & Computer Science

At the end of the 1980s, construction of the entire electricity grid had just been completed. From then on, electricity was considered a matter of course. But things are different now. The Netherlands is on the eve of an energy transition that is essential to meeting the climate objectives. This energy transition is needed to keep our children’s future healthy, safe and liveable. But in order to achieve that, much more research is needed. That is why, at TU Delft, the old high-voltage laboratory has recently been transformed into a formidable temple of sustainability: the ESP Lab.