Intelligent energy system

We are building an energy platform where society’s expectations and cyberreality come together

Professor Peter Palensky, Intelligent Electrical Power Grids

The foundations of the electricity grid are being overhauled completely, going from a few centrally organised coal-fired power stations to thousands of windmills and solar panels – and perhaps as many owners. This green revolution coincides with a great deal of adaptation challenges, making the grid more vulnerable to failures. That is why in the ESP Lab we are already working on innovations to protect, monitor and control the electricity grid of the future.

Digital transformation

There is a long wish list for the new electricity grid, which must also be sustainable, reliable, flexible, and robust. We are exploring how to turn these wishes into reality. In this, digitisation of the energy system is indispensable. This digital transformation provides a faster, more dynamic, but also more complex and vulnerable electricity system. With that in mind, for example, we are studying how super computers can take appropriate action in the event of physical failures or cyber attacks within milliseconds.

Innovation leads the way

Digital transformation, cyber security and machine learning are just a few topics that are being studied in this field of research. Together with others, we want to innovate to meet the challenges of the electricity grid’s upgrade.

Curious how we can innovate together?

Peter Palensky

Professor and section leader Intelligent Electrical Power Grids