About ESP Lab

Dare to change energy!

To keep our planet liveable, we need to make decisions quickly and take tangible steps toward a sustainable energy system. A system that is greener and smarter and which is just as safe and robust as today’s electricity grid. A system that allows everyone to connect their solar panel and that allows any vehicle to recharge without any problems.

All about the ESP Lab

Yet to make such a future reality, a great deal of research and innovation is needed. In the Electrical Sustainable Power Lab (ESP Lab for short), researchers, companies, policy makers and business developers work together on the most crucial energy issues of our time. It is the ideal place where our electricity grid is being prepared for the future. Dare to change energy!


The control room of the future

The electricity grid is more complex than ever before, making it less stable and less reliable. Nowadays, a lot of switching in the grid is still being done manually in the control room. Digitisation of grid management is a prerequisite for modernisation of the electricity grid. Our “control room of the future” is used to study how technology can protect, monitor and control the new electricity grid.


Digital twin for the win

The “digital twin” is a computer simulation of the Netherlands’ entire electricity grid. This environment is used to simulate, study and test both major and minor changes to technology and policy, without the possibility of damaging anything.


The energy transition is complex yet at the same time calls for haste. An integrated approach and collaboration are therefore indispensable, so the ESP Lab actively works with leading players in renewable energy supply, both within and outside Delft University of Technology. TenneT, for example, is an official partner associated with the ESP Lab.


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