The strength of collaboration

We confront complex and urgent societal challenges by consolidating knowledge, expertise and investment capacity.

The energy transition is a complex issue that requires an effort from all of us. This makes an integrated approach and collaboration indispensable! The ESP Lab is the place where researchers, companies, policy makers, business developers and social scientists combine forces to determine the route to our sustainable future.

It is also the place where we educate young engineers to become future energy leaders, gaining crucial expertise for innovation in a world that never stands still.



In the past, we used to build high-voltage networks to meet the demand for electricity throughout our country. The system is now morphing into a European multifunctional connector of dynamic electricity supply, controllable energy demand, and a link to storage in molecules and electrons. The ESP Lab will be used to develop and test innovations in relation to the entire energy system so that they can be integrated successfully. This is an essential step to safeguard the security and reliability of the electricity grid, now and in the future in which everything is interconnected. Thatโ€™s why it makes perfect sense for TenneT to be a partner from the outset.

Maarten Abbenhuis, chief operations officer (COO) van netbeheerder TenneT

Examples of our collaborations

(Inter)national projects

In the ESP Lab, research takes place for a large number of different national and international projects. These projects often involve consortia in which various industrial partners and research parties are represented.