MSc. Dolderen, D.C. van

Dorien van Dolderen is a PhD researcher in the Design for Sustainability research group at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering interested in improving the recyclability of electronics through the creation and validation of design for recycling guidelines.

Academic Background

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University of Technology, Dorien stayed in Delft for the Master’s program Integrated Product Design with a focus on sustainable design and design for the circular economy. She spent one semester in Copenhagen to expand her knowledge to sustainable design theory and methods and focused especially on sustainable transitions. She graduated Cum Laude with her graduation project “Designing a sustainable transition in the MedTech industry: An analysis of the current challenges for the implementation of the circular economy on surgical devices like the single-use endocutter.” Dorien has now stepped away from improving the design of medical devices to fit the circular economy and instead works on the recyclability of electronics through her PhD for NWO’s research project Circular Circuits.

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Dorien van Dolderen

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