MSc. Hoftijzer, J.W.

Jan Willem Hoftijzer is lecturer at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering. He is coordinator of design drawing education at the faculty.


  • Industrial Design Engineering, TU Delft 


  • Multipurpose VoF graphic design
  • GE Plastics graduation project
  • First Design/ First/ People Creating Value, Design Agency: concept and product design
  • Indes bv, Design Agency: concept and product design
  • Goliath Games: product design and development
  • University of Twente: assistant professor: design drawing courses, design management coordinator, design projects, graduation students, PhD research ‘User Led Design: design for DIY’

Specialisation / field of research

Do-It-Yourself design, co-creation, (tool)kits, design for DIY, customization, User led  design, concept design, Design of consumer products, Ideation, Visualization, design practice, board game design, design management, design drawing/sketching, international cooperation.

Lectures and/or coaches students on

  • Lecturing
    Design drawing PO1, PO2, PO3, PO4 (B), Design visualization (B), Automotive Skills (minor B), Design drawing for exchange students (B/M), Product Communication & Presentation (M), Computer Sketching (M), Automotive Sketching (M)
  • Coordinator 
    IO1011 design drawing (dd), io1051 dd, io2010 dd, io2051 dd, io3900 dd, io3030, HMio3030, io1016zi, io3650, io4170 dd (PCP), id5221, id5272, id5252, id5462, id5247  
  • Have lectured: Design coach PO1, PO2, PO3 
  • Chair Graduation projects: DIY product design/ Design for DIY
  • See:


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Dissertation working title: 'Design for Do-It-Yourself / DIY product design' 

My research addresses the topic of ‘Design for DIY’; the ‘new Do-It-Yourself’ . Compared to the customary definition of design, in which the professional designer and client company decide what to bring to the market, Do-It-Yourself (DIY) product design promises the opposite. Technology advancements, combined with people’s natural tendency to employ and express his/her creativity, to participate, have created a basis that stimulates today’s DIY product design. DIY product design is more feasible than ever, given the availability of modelling software, and new ‘scale-free’ production tools and platforms helping to 3d-print or laser-cut one-off objects (Anderson 2011). Many of today's developments and research sources from various fields confirm the evidently positive consequences DIY product design could have. Two questions are of major importance to the field of industrial design: (1) how - as a designer or as design educational institute - to anticipate these ‘democratizing’ (technological and social) changes, and (2) how to facilitate people in designing and making their own product (to DIY). For more information, please contact me.