MSc. Hoveling, T.

Tamara is a PhD researcher interested in ground-breaking research surrounding the development of medical and non-medical health devices in terms of safety, hygiene, efficiency, user-friendliness and environmental sustainability.

Academic Background

After a very succesful bachelor graduation internship at Philips, focused on ultrasound-guided vascular access, Tamara completed her Industrial Design master in January 2022, at the TU Eindhoven. Here she worked on several medical design projects, in particular on medical devices that are connect to an innovative liquid-filled incubator that enhances the survival rate of prematurely born infants. These projects led her to several academic publications and an official patent application.

Currently, Tamara hopes to continue within the field of medical design, although she wishes to do so without introducing more and more single-use plastics and unused residual flows into healthcare. Therefore, her current PhD research is focused on setting up circular design guidelines for the development of future health devices.

Research Profile

Tamara believes the healthcare industry has many design challenges left to tackle. To contribute to a valuable improvement, she enjoys working on research-based projects surrounding clinical healthcare innovations. Tamara could be described as a curious, down-to-earth designer, researcher and writer, who loves to combine her different talents to improve the quality and outcomes of clinical and non-clinical care.

In her current PhD project (DICE), she aims to tackle the lack of circular design in the development in novel (digital) health devices.

Her strengths are design thinking, design research, administration, planning, writing and analyzing (in a creative and exploring way). She has experience with 3D-modelling, and has practical and technical knowledge of the design and production process.