Digital Product Development

Programming is not just for computer scientists any more. Being a designer in this rapidly evolving digital world doesn’t mean you need to be a software developer. But, learning basic digital knowledge and skills will prepare you to fully and confidently engage with stakeholders throughout the product development process.

This course introduces designers to the digital knowledge and skills needed to effectively and responsibly engage throughout the design process of digital products and services.

It’s about learning new development processes because developing software is quite different from developing a tangible product. Take a high-level look at the internet and networking technologies like Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, as well as data and how it drives algorithms. Learn about the important role the designer can play in crafting these algorithms instead of letting them just be crafted by computer scientists.

Learn the basics of programming using Python. Look at business models for digital technologies as well as learn about e-waste. And explore the responsibility designers have in influencing design choices that may impact privacy and security issues related to a product or service.

In a technology-driven world, this course gives designers the knowledge, skills and confidence to be an integral part of a multifaceted design process. The content of the course is also directly applicable to Design Project 2.

Course Coordinator's perspective

“I think it’s quite exciting to teach digital skills to designers. I want to give them the opportunity and the encouragement to try and fail. There really is no such thing as failure, but being willing to take a little more risk creates plenty of opportunities to learn.”

Jacky Bourgeois