Supporting cyclists with cooling sensations in warm weather

As part of the STW project “Smart Clothing” we used active Peltier cooling elements and external cooling fins to be able to cool or heat cyclists during road training.

The concept is a cycling suit with unique cooling abilities integrated into fabric. The cooling elements are strategically placed on the side and back of the body, where the cooling sensation is the most enjoyable. With the refreshing cool sensation of the suit the cyclists receive psychological support during their challenges in warm weather conditions. This is achieved by the different aspects of the concept: accurately placed cooling, precise cooling pulses and neatly integrated thermoelectric coolers.

The suit features all classical aspects of cycling garments, including an aerodynamic fit, soft and breathable fabrics, comfortable padding and antislip strips for a tight fit of the shorts. Opening the zipper on the front enables the user to put the suit on. The three pockets the back provide room to storage some of the essentials, like keys, a phone and a wallet.

Graduate Student

  • Louis Brouwers (Graduated July 19th, 2016)