TECARE: a smart wearable system for sensing stress of veterans with PTSD

Tecare is a wearable product that helps veterans with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) to sense their stress. PTSD is a mental disorder that can develop after having experienced a traumatic event and in which a person experiences trauma-related symptoms or impairments in everyday functioning that last for at least a month and sometimes for life.

Video: Making and testing of the stress vest

It is envisioned that by integrating biofeedback sensors into a wearable product the stress related bio signals can be monitored in an unobtrusive way. The Tecare prototype contains sensors for heart rate, skin conductivity, temperature and movement (acceleration).

The shirt is adjustable to allow for different body sizes. For the testing of the prototype a squeeze indicator is used which the test persons can use to indicate when they feel sensations of fear or stress during testing. These extra signal can then be used to help interpreting the measured changes in bodily stress indicators.

In addition a stress management app was designed (see below).

Prototype study for stress vest

Graduate student

  • Xinjie Zhang


  • Prof. K.M.B. Jansen (chair)
  • Xueliang Li (mentor)
  • Dr. M.C. Rozendaal (supervisor)
  • In Cooperation with BodyGraph
Stress vest Squeeze indicator
Electronics and casing
The TECARE app
Stress vest - Front
Stress vest - Detail
Stress vest - Back