Stationery at the information desk

At the information desk you can borrow and buy various items of stationery.

Office supplies

  • Pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners
  • Markers,  Post-it notes
  • Binders, plastic cover sheets, A4 laminating cases, report covers with fastener, show folders

Ear plugs
Don’t want any noise disturbance while studying? Get some ear plugs. For sale at the information desk for 0.20 cents per set.

Laptop locks
If you need to leave your laptop for a minute and want to avoid it being stolen, you can borrow a laptop lock at the information desk. You can borrow the lock in exchange for your campus card or ID. The cable and key have to be returned on the same day. If you lose the key, you have to pay € 45,- in cash.

Network cables
Do you want to use the flexible network but you haven’t got a network cable? Borrow one at the information desk in exchange for your campus card.

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