Choosing tracks

During the academic year, multiple events are organised to inform you of the different MSc programmes and tracks.

Every year in March, the faculty organises the Aerospace Engineering Master Weeks. During these weeks every track will be presented itself during a lunchtime presentation. The Master Weeks end with a gathering, organised for all tracks. Whilst enjoying a drink you have the opportunity to meet the professors, teachers, students and doctoral candidates of the Master track of your interest.

Unfortunately, we cannot organise these lunch lectures at the Faculty this year. As an alternative we offer you an online program. Visit this webpage to find more information on the different Master Tracks

Between March 8 and March 19, every track and EWEM hosts a live Q&A session in which you can ask all your general questions, and also join breakout rooms to talk to lecturers, master students and other people from the departments of the tracks. You can find the schedule and the URLs to the Zoom sessions on Brightspace or you can sign up via

Besides all these opportunities to know the Master tracks we offer at the faculty of Aerospace, we created some videos to help you decide the right Master track for you.

In the following videos, you will find five short introductions to each MSc track presented by the five Master track coordinators. After that, watch also the videos with the experiences of Master students of each track. Who better than your Master peers to show you what each track is all about?

Alexander van Zuijlen, MSc track coordinator of Aerodynamics and Wind Energy

MSc Student of Aerodynamics and Wind Energy

Coen de Visser, MSc track coordinator of Control and Operations

MSc Student of Control and Operations

Ron Noomen, MSc track coordinator of Space

MSc Student of Space

Calvin Rans, MSc track coordinator of Aerospace Structures and Materials

MSc Student of Aerospace Structures and Materials

Gianfranco la Rocca, MSc track coordinator of Flight Performance and Propulsion

MSc Student of Flight Performance and Propulsion

Finally, we recorded a discussion among the MSc track coordinators about the similarities and differences of each track. If you are interested to know more about your opportunities in each track, do not miss this disccuss panel.