Honours Programme Applied Sciences

The Honours Programme Delft is available for talented and motivated students at TU Delft who would like to take on an extra challenge next to their regular study programme.

If you take part in the Honours Programme you attend an upgraded study programme. One part of the programme is the same for every Honours student; a part that is determined by the faculty. The programme is very open towards your own initiatives. Once you complete the programme you will receive a certificate. Admission and the programme itself are different for Bachelor and Master students.

Faculty programmes & contact persons

Honours Programme Bachelor Honours coordinator
Life Science & Technology Megan Hulscher (Leiden University)

Molecular Science & Technology

Megan Hulscher (Leiden University)
Nanobiology Margreet Docter
Technische Natuurkunde

Hylkje Geertsema

Suzanne Karssen-Minekus / Paula Endeveld

Honours Programme Master Honours coordinator

Tony Kiss
Rosanne Stapel (reg.indiv. programma's/coord.company traject)