If you have a complaint about TU Delft, the faculty or staff, you should first try to resolve this directly with the staff member or department. Explain your complaint and ask for a response. If this does not lead to a solution, you can do the following:

If your complaint concerns:

  1. An examination, assessment, mark not announced
    Please contact the Board of Examiners of your degree programme. To get advice you can first contact the Programme coordinator of your degree programme.
  2. Improper treatment such as bullying, discrimination, stalking or sexual intimidation,
    please contact the Confidential Advisor. Click here for more information
  3. The teaching on one of your courses,
    please contact the Programme Coordinator of your programme or the Board of Studies
  4. Facilities such as rooms, toilets or study spaces,
    please contact the Service Desk.
  5. The behaviour of a member of staff or a student,
    please send an email to klacht-tnw* or contact the Applied Sciences Head of Education & Student Affairs
    Serge Donkers

If you would rather discuss your complaint with the Applied Sciences Student Council, please contact the Faculty Student Council.

If you would rather not report your complaint within the faculty, please contact the TU Delft Central Complaints Desk. The Central Student Counsellor will then look at the best way to deal with your complaint.

If your don't know which category your complaint belongs to, please send an email to klacht-tnw* for advice.

If you do not agree with the way your complaint has been handled, please contact the TU Delft Ombundsman.

You can find more information in the Student Charter.

*the email address is managed by Serge Donkers (Head of Education and Student Affairs), Hanneke Leffers (Education Policy & Quality Assurance Advisor), and Ella Koeleman & Helen Emmerink (Education & Student Affairs secretary's office).