Study Programme Administration

Welcome to Study Programme Administration office (SPA)

SPA is among other things responsible for the administration of the education and study progress of students.

What can I arrange myself?

What can SPA provide you with?

  • Registering your study programme and implementing changes to it
  • Assistance with issues in your results registered by a teacher
  • Assistance with registering and making changes in your minor
  • Registering your results obtained elsewhere
  • Processing your diploma application
  • Help with questions about your diploma supplement

What can the Contact Centre ESA provide you with?

Contact Centre ESA is, among other things, the first point of contact for administrative education questions. This includes requesting lists of marks, GPAs, statement of credits obtained and statement of graduation (when graduation has been fully administratively processed).

Study Programme Administration

  • Locati╬┐n
    Building 30a
    Jaffalaan 9a (entrance Mekelweg)
    2628 BX Delft

    Postal adress
    TU Delft Education & Student Affairs (ESA)
    Att. SPA
    Postbus 5
    2600 AA Delft

You can reach us via Contact Centre ESA