Studielink website will be improved

Studielink is working on a new, improved website: Het Nieuwe Studielink. Therefore Studielink will be temporarily offline between 30 September (23.59 CEST) and 10 October (09.00 CEST). As of 10 October you can visit the new Studielink website.

How to log in to Het Nieuwe Studielink?

  1. Login in with DigiD will be the same as before
  2. Log in with a Studielink-account:

    1. When you log in for the first time to the new Studielink, you need to use your Studielink-account (username and password).
    2. Change your Studielink-account to your e-mail address.
    3. From then on you can log in to the new Studielink website with your e-mail address
    4. If you don’t remember your username and password you can send an e-mail to

If the student hasn’t enrolled over the past two years?

If the student hasn’t enrolled over the past two years, the account will be deleted. After 10 October you can create a new account on