Faculty Student Council

The 2022/2023 student council of the Faculty of Applied Sciences consists of 4 departments with a total of 8 members. Below you can find an overview of the departments and their members.

Department of Applied Physics (BSc & MSc)

  • Boris Müllendorff (Vice-president)
  • Giles Bangoyina (Treasurer & secretary OV)                                      

Department of Chemical Engineering  (BSc & MSc)

  • Lakshmi Mohan (Secretary IV)
  • Medhavi Pandya (Treasurer & secretary OV)

Department of Life Science & Technology (BSc&MSc)

  • Marije van de Ven (FO respresentative)
  • René Michael Voorwalt (FO representative)

Department of  Nanobiology (BSc & MSc)

  • Albaraa Adel Farouk AbdelghaffarKhalil (Communication)
  • Rushan Tan (President)