HPM - Applied Sciences

Delft University of Technology offers talented and motivated students the opportunity to participate in the Honours Programme in addition to  their Master’s programme.

What is an Honours Programme?

The Honours Programme of Delft University of Technology is developed for talented and motivated students. At the Faculty of Applied Sciences the master’s honours programme offers you an extra challenge to broaden you horizon beyond your regular master courses. You can extend and deepen your study in a scientific, design or industrial dimension.  You can enroll in the honours programme in the second semester of your Master study if your study results and study progress fulfils the admission requirements.

To participate in the honours programme, you make your own choice for a honours project, by which you can greatly enrich your Master study. For example, by an company project, working in a team of fellow students collaborating with an industrial partner and focusing on any subject of societal relevance. The programme can be very practical, with company involvement, up to more theoretical, e.g. as a stepping stone to PhD research.

You will be rewarded with an Honours Programme annotation for your MSc degree, which is expected to be highly esteemed by industry as well as by research institutes.  

Honours Programme for Master's students

The honours programme consists of 20 EC in addition to the regular MSc degree programme: an individual part of 15 EC and a corporate part of 5 EC. The individual part is your own choice. You can broaden your scope and do a research project at another group than your thesis work (research), prepare yourself for industrial design of products and processes (design), participate in an industrial project (company) or take 15 credits in extra (honours) courses. 

Honours community

If you are selected for the Honours Programme you become a member of the Delft University of Technology community for honours students. The community has been set up to enhance mutual exchange and networking amongst honours students and to inspire each other. The community has a board and organizes all kind of activities for honours students. 

Application and selection

The honours programme is meant to fuel your intellectual curiosity and to help you to form opinions and be creative. To participate in the programme we expect from potential honours students a study progress in the first semester of at least 30 EC and a GPA of 7.5/10 or higher for the courses in the regular programme. Students who meet these requirements will receive an invitation to join an information meeting end February/ begin March, where the different options are explained in more details.

Honours Certificate of Delft University of Technology

To receive a ‘Honours Programme Delft University of Technology’Certificate you have to finish your Master programme and the extra Honours programme in two years. If you want to finish your master programme ‘cum laude’ only the grades for the regular programme are taken into account.