HPB - Nanobiology

The Honours Programme for the Nanobiology Bachelor Programme aims to offer a challenging package of deepening and broadening study activities to the most talented students within the Nanobiology Programme. The intention is to motivate these students to excel in terms of capacities, skills (related to study, organisation and research) and self-development. On completing of the Honours programme, students will have gained more experience of group work, research and in leading discussions with researchers within the field of Nanobiology.


In Bachelor Year 2 and 3, students will work on several projects that add up to 20 EC. During the interdisciplinary part (5 EC), students can take challenging Honours modules together with students from different faculties. Within the programme specific part, students choose an HP project of their interest, follow the Honours Programme Journal Club, attend and report on seminars from different research departments and choose to do a broadening study activity to implement the knowledge and skills they have gained.



Programme Specific Activities

HP Seminars


HP Journal Club


HP Project


HP Broaden-your-experience project


Interdisciplinary programme HPD

Modules from list TU Delft HP

Choice of modules within the interdisciplinary HP. See list of HP modules on: www.honours.tudelft.nl. 
An interdisciplinary project with students from other faculties can also be conducted. This must be approved by the HPD Advisory Board.



(560 hours)

Application & Admission

Students who are interested and have excellent study results (Cum Laude and Year 1 courses passed in one year) will be contacted by the Honours Programme coordinator in April. An information session will be held and students can decide whether they wish to attend this Honours Programme. 
In order to obtain the Honours Programme annotation on the Bachelor diploma, the Bachelor programme of Nanobiology (180 EC) as well as the Honours programme (20 EC) must be completed within 42 months.

More information

HP Nanobiology Director
Professor Cees Dekker (Bionanoscience department)

HP Coordinator
Margreet Docter PhD - Research Technician - Teacher  

E-mail: HP-BSc-NB@tudelft.nl / phone: 015-2781428