Student stories

TPM students are engaged daily in creating smart solutions for global challenges. They do so with boundless passion and perseverance, determined to make an impact on our society and improve the world.

Let yourself be inspired by the unmatched energy of our students! 

What is it like to study at the Faculty of Technology, Policy & Management (TPM)? Students of Technische Bestuurskunde (TB), Complex Systems Engineering and Management (CoSEM), Engineering and Policy Analysis (EPA), Management of Technology (MOT), Industrial Ecology (IE), or Transport, Infrastructure and Logistics (TIL) share their fascinating stories about their choice of study, the courses they have taken, the projects they have participated in, internships, international exchange programs, and thesis topics. They share their highlights, challenges, and learning moments, providing an insight into how they have applied their knowledge and skills in practice.

Be inspired by their adventures and discover what it's like to pursue a degree at the TPM faculty!

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